Microsoft Word Beginners Training Course

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Course Type: Classroom based, hands-on and trainer-led
Location: Kings Cross, London

When is this course running

Course is not currently running, contact us for more information about this course.

Training overview

Do you want to sign up to an interactive, classroom-based Microsoft Word Course in London? This may be the course you have been searching for! Our Microsoft Word Beginners Training runs on a part-time basis and helps students grasp the basic concepts behind navigating the Microsoft Word software.

Enrolling on our Microsoft Word 2010 Beginners Course will provide you with full training on the fundamental elements of the software so you can operate it with confidence. Our trainers will walk you through the tools and techniques to using Microsoft Word with various online tools and reference materials.

Our Microsoft Word Beginners Course can be taken on a part-time basis and our trainers are very flexible regarding teaching times. You can attend at the weekend or in the evenings, whenever suits you best!

This short Microsoft Word Beginners 2010 course is perfect for those who want hands-on, instructor-led and classroom based learning.

Prerequisites for our Microsoft Word Beginners 2010 course

What's included?

  • Hands on tutoring from experienced Microsoft Word Beginners 2010 experts:
  • Real-time Practice and Portfolio Projects:
  • Course Materials:
  • Course Completion Certificate:
  • Support and Careers Advice:

What will I learn?

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